Hold Left Mouse button - Ready dash strike

Release Left Mouse button - Perform dash strike

WASD - movement

R - Restart room (mainly for issues with possible bugs)

(Please, read the whole description: Contains Warnings)


An entry for Graffiti Jam by Eero Höök ( Roikku / LakeDead )

Made in Game Maker 2.3.5 as a solo project

Files safe to use, but new GMS2 update compiles the files in a way that Virus Total finds false positives. Please, Opera, fix it asap if possible.

MalwareBytes did not find any threats from the files, though, so it should be good.

For safety, I have provided a browser version of this game on the page.

Also, project source files included as is required by the jam rules.

Support the Dev:


Download 18 MB
Project_Source.rar 8 MB
2_3_5_Jam_Dashido_Final.yyz 10 MB


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great game, would stab myself again

any chance if I paypal you a small donation, you could release the otherr games source to learn from? like shot gun viking and others? I assume they are also gamemaker? cheers!

Haha only just now saw this. I guess I should visit my game pages more often, or somehow learn to turn on notifications. But yes, to anyone wanting source codes this way, ofcourse it should be made possible for people to have a chance to learn game dev! Even though my code is really spaghetti and not perfect.