A downloadable game

EDIT: Game is being remade so it's unavailable for download now-

Wraethcrawl by Eero Höök (Roikku / Lake Dead)

Public alpha version (mainly for play/bugtesting)

Product is as is and most definitely contains some bugs. Especially the winter map likes to freeze the game. (no pun intended)

Not much support can be provided by me at the moment, as every day the game changes little by little. Also I take no responsibility if your device blows up.

You can add me on Discord (Roikku#7203) though and ask for assistance with something related to this game, or to offer some donation to the cause, or to offer your help in the game's development.

Can be played singleplayer, or 4-player couch coop on an actual couch or just hosted on Parsec. https://parsecgaming.com/


Primarily a gamepad / controller is to be used:

Left Stick - Move

Right Trigger -  Attack nearest

Left Trigger - Perform class ability

A - Interact

More details inside game.

Host can always use WASD + LOKI + QFJP but when Parsec actually works some day, each player can use those as their individual gamepad emulation.

Made in Game Maker 2.2.5.

Admin commands in game are:

CTRL + R  = Restart + choose a new map ( There are only 3 maps currently )

CTRL + X = Force Victory (Use when a boss or an objective seems to bug out)

CTRL + 1/2/3/4 = Teleport player (number) to spawnpoint (use when getting stuck)

SHIFT + 1/2/3/4 = Force reset player class (For when people get disconnected and a class slot like "Djinni" is needed, as there can only be one Djinni in game at a time)

CTRL + 0/9/8/7 = Force weathers

CTRL + Y/U = Adjust monster base HP (Mainly for testing purposes)

F1 = debug text view (toggle)

Donations that support the development are always appreciated: