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Brackeys Jam entry by Eero Höök (Roikku / Lake Dead)

Chaos Fort is a 1-4 local co-op multiplayer topdown roguelite.

It can be played as online multiplayer via services such as Parsec.

Everything made by me during the jam except for the music which is from OpenGameArt (NENE)


P1 - Arrowkeys/WASD / gamepad 0

P2 - WASD / gamepad 1

P3 - TFGH / gamepad 2

P4 - IJKL / gamepad 3

1,2,3,4 - Select amount of players in main menu (or just press gamepad 1-4 start button)

M - Toggle Mute music (during gameplay only)


Walk into enemies to fight automatically. Don't fall into pits or starve.

Yellow dots on minimap = treasure/food/armor/weapon.

Red dots on minimap = 4 bosses you need to kill for victory.

Hunger "meter" is the food icon on the right.

4 red squares light up green with each boss kill, until all are full.

Free tip: 0, 0 is a safezone; No enemy, always food. Good when starving to death.

Made in Game Maker 2.3.3

Files safe to use:

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2_3_3_Jam_Brackeys.zip 19 MB


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To those who don't know, the theme of the jam was "Let there be Chaos"

My personal speedrun times:

(multiplayer) My best speedrun 13'38.74. One second off 1337.  :( Need to fix that.

(singleplayer) Time not yet set.