Our XAMK Game Jam 2021 II submission.

Have you ever had an empty canvas or table, and after using scissors on some colored paper to make some decorations on a holiday card, you had a lot of leftover scraps? 

Did you think about playing around with them to make some "art" happen just for fun?

Well now you can do it digitally!

Cup of Meow is an "arts and crafts" -application where you place differently shaped and colored "scraps of paper" to create artwork or other such assemblies. 

Cup of Meow -team:

Roikku (Eero Höök)  Art assets, audio-acquisition, programming, voiceacting

Yuuka (Jenni Ikonen) Art assets, Game/Mechanics design, Alternative Technology Testing

Showcase video: 

Other credits to mention:

Amazing Music tracks are by Darren Curtis and available for free use in all projects, thus are perfect for a jam application such as this.

Engine used:

Game Maker 2.6 (Game Maker Language)


Downloadable version works worse than the browser-version. So for now the downloadable is disabled.

Notes (input):

J - Change background

Ctrl Y - Clears the whole canvas of objects (Beware!)

1/2 - Changes object color to white/black

Some gameplay ideas were saved later for post-jam updates.

Note for when saving artwork:

On the downloadable version (possibly coming post-jam): When saving a screenshot by pressing the hotkey P,  the application creates an image file to a location akin to AppData\Local\CupOfMeow

On browser version you can just hide the whole UI by pressing U, and then you can hit printscreen normally and paste to your chosen 3rd party software to crop your artwork. Or you can use the Snip tool on Windows.

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