Faxe Farmer 

- A Perfect Server -game jam entry by Eero Höök (Roikku / Lake Dead)


Left mouse button


You are a fox that tries to revitalize their farm via the death of innocent bee-like buzzy creatures. An axe comes handy in this kind of situation. Death helps you.

The cute buzzy innocent bee-like things make your garden grow.

The evil-looking buzzies spray their goo on your soil and diminishes your score. If they ruin the garden early, you may still recover from it over time, as the goo disappears slowly.

No credits needed.

Everything is by me or licensed to my use in my name.

Note: If you want to remove all trace of the product, the game creates a harmless savegame just for the local machine highscore, at AppData\Local\jam_TPS_FaxeFarmer

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