A downloadable game for Windows

GBJam 8 -entry by Eero Höök (Roikku / LakeDead)

Resolution 160x144 is upscaled as rules allow.

Controls ( 1-2 gamepads recommended )


(A) = A  - to Accept/continue/Launch ball

(B) = B/X - to Cancel/Retry (in main menu, turn off music)

d-pad = d-pad - to navigate menus

Select = Select - to Mainly access"How to" screen at main menu

Start  = Start  - to pause the game 


d-pad = Arrowkeys- to navigate menus

(A) = X - to Accept/continue/Launch ball

(B) = Z/Backspace - to Cancel/Retry  (in main menu, turn off music)

Select = Space - to Mainly access"How to" screen at main menu, also for the convenience of keyboard-users, it also works as (Accept / launch ball)

Start = Enter - to pause the game 

For Player 2 without a gamepad:

E = Accept/launch ball

A/D = Navigate left/right

There are two victory conditions in each stage.

First you unlock the next stage by filling up the scorebar, then you have to feed the fishbird-creature down below to unlock the skin for that stage as well.

Once all stages are unlocked, that's a "soft completion" of the game, but if you also unlock all the skins, you really complete it.

No saving currently, because it's a short jam game. You have to finish the game in one go! Let's do it!

If you still would like to take a break from the game before continuing, you can press B at main menu to turn off the music, and alt-enter works to switch to window mode so you can leave the game running in the background.

(c) All assets licensed to be used in my name and/or made completely by me (Eero Höök), no other credits required. 

Engine used: Game Maker 2.3

Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
TagsCasual, Co-op, Game Boy, GameMaker, GBJam


2_3_gb8jam_v03_2.zip 7 MB


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good game