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Glass Cannon by Eero Höök (Roikku)

Quick How To: Press Space in the menu. Drive around, shoot colored things and black cars. Press R in the upgrade list to reroll the list. Sacrifice features to get upgrades. Survive as long as you can to get highscores.


1-4 in menu - Adjust playercount (press Space to start)

A/D - move left/right

W - Forward

XYB - Upgrade selections

R - Reroll Upgrade list

F - Sacrifice All Upgrade Points

Ctrl + F - Toggle Fullscreen mode

ESC - Quit to menu

Alt-F4 - Exit to desktop

The Coding Sucks Game Jam (2022)

entry by Eero Höök, made in GameMaker (GMS2)

Theme: Sacrifice is the Key to Success

Theme usage: In order to upgrade your vehicle, you must sacrifice some features of it.

Genre: 2D Sprite-stacking Local Multiplayer Car Shooter

File scanned and proven safe by VirusTotal (result):

Note: Multiplayer only with gamepads. Singleplayer with keyboard + mouse.


- All design, art and Audio by the author.

- Several handcrafted car sprites.

- Simplistic retroesque local multiplayer splitscreen gameplay.

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GlassCannon.zip 10 MB

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