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Jan Ken Samurai

Krass Jam 14 entry by Eero Höök ( Roikku / Lake Dead )

My theme for the jam:

"A war game where you lead the rebels in islands through infiltration."

which I translated into a Samurai-themed, artistic minigame.

Everything in game is made by me or licensed to my use.

All art by me and painted during the jam.

I streamed it at https://www.twitch.tv/roikku

How to play:

The game is essentially rock-paper-scissors.

Aim with your mouse at:

The top section of your character (or opponent) - High stance

The middle section of your character (or opponent) - Middle stance

The bottom section of your character (or opponent) - Low stance

Left click - Attack

Right click - Block

up/down arrow  - volume adjust

Combat hints:

High attack wins Low attack

Mid attack wins High attack

Low attack wins Mid attack

High block wins High attack

Mid block wins Mid attack 

Low block wins Low attack


Made in Game Maker Studio 2 (version 2.2.5)

Time used: 

2 hours for design

5 hours for code

1 hour for audio setup

10 hours for art


2_2_5_SamuraiDuer.zip 13 MB

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