Kitten Space

(Nyancat + Kerbal Space Program (+ Lost Vikings))

Mashup Game Jam Entry by LakeDead / Roikku:

Try to get your rocketship to fly to the Mewn.

movement = Gamepad Left stick or WASD

Use interactables (up/down) = Dpad up/down or W/S

Launch = Gamepad R2 or E (keyboard) 
Abort = Gamepad Y or keyboard X
Swap character = Gamepad Select or Q

Music - Gamepad select or M 
Restart game - P

Players 2-3 keyboard controls (gamepad is better):
Player 2 - arrowkeys

Player 3 - UHJK, i


Game 1: Nyan Cat: Lost in Space

Game 2: Kerbal Space Program (on Steam)

Game 3: Lost Vikings (BONUS! Retro game)

Game 4: Garry's Mod: SpaceBuild

Game 5: Space Engineers

Attributions not put onto game screen:

Nyancat sprite:

Possible collection of tiles (office/school environment) and map objects (destructible and indestructible), weapons, weapon/stat gui icons and gui graphics (server stack, paper) and weapon animations (explosions, projectiles)

Copyright (c) 2000-2007, Lasse Öörni, Kalle Niemitalo, Olli Niemitalo,
Tuomas Mäkelä. All rights reserved.

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