A downloadable game for Windows

A clicker defense-game where you must protect your campfire from horrific creatures of the night.



gamemaker20thsubmit.rar 13 MB


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Excellent game! My highscore is 382 - at that point my hand was getting sore. Great graphics and sounds which build a strong campfire atmosphere. I love the effects/feedback, they make destroying the creatures so much more satisfying when they explode and fling gold out everywhere.

Super fun game, awesome work!

Haha, yes. Thank you for playing and for the feedback! I ran out of time in the jam and had to leave out planned features like NPC assistants that gather around the campfire to as an "autoclick" mechanic, shoot at the enemies using crossbows. And you could upgrade the npcs. But I feel like I learned a few things during the jam, so I'm happy with it.