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Mekanaut by Eero Höök

Quick How To:

Press F to interact/talk. WASD/Arrows to move. Bump into objects to activate them. Collect resources and grow in power to survive the battles and depths to come.

Notes: Quick spaghetti full of IF-Loops. There are some happy accident bugs related to restarting a run on the Game. It's pseudo "Load Game" and I might use this accidential feature in the future, because I kinda liked it.


WASD/Arrows - Move

F - Action / Fire (can hold)

Space - Advance dialogue

Y/N - Agree / Disagree in dialogue

B - Repair

R - Run from Battle

ESC - Volume options menu (only outside of battle)

Dungeon Crawler Jam 2023

entry by Eero Höök, made in GameMaker (GMS2)

Theme: Duality

Theme usage:

Light and Dark (Gets darker and harder as you go deep from the bright end).

Technology vs Nature (Machines and Organics in the same environment).

Exploration vs Survival. (You risk your life going forward, unless you gather strength and resources)

You vs Sea Creature. (You're in a ship invading their space and they're just swimming in their home)

Action vs Collection. (Collect items in a relaxed environment, until fights happen)

Genre: First Person Underwater Crawler


- All Design, Programming, Effects, Music, art by the author.

- Simplistic retroesque gameplay.

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