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Meow World by Eero Höök (Roikku)

Quick How To:

Hover mouse over cats, hold Left Mouse Button to interact. Wiggle for extra effect. Collect pawprints for extra Purrency!

Level up the Cats by pressing Enter (Select) for extra Purrency gains!

Spacebar to change tool (visual).
Numbers 1-4 for local playercount.

Controls - keyboard (Controller):

Mouse (Left Stick) - Movement

Spacebar (L1) - cycle through tools

LMB (R1 or R2) - Interact with cute cats

A, B, X, Y, Enter/Select - Upgrades

1-4 - Change playercount to 1-4 even during gameplay

0 (zero) - Change playercount to only mouse singleplayer even during gameplay

Ctrl M - Add mouse player in addition to the 4 other controller players

Ctrl N - Toggle Music

ctrl R - Restart Game

Alt-F4 - Exit to desktop

Clicker Jam Summer 2022

entry by Eero Höök, made in GameMaker (GMS2)

Theme: Clicker

Theme usage: You can pet cats and it's multiplayer!

Genre: 2D Local Multiplayer Clicker

Note: Multiplayer only with gamepads. Singleplayer with keyboard + mouse (or a controller).


- Music by Darren Curtis.

- All design and other Audio by the author.

- All art from author.

- Relaxing local multiplayer gameplay.

File scanned and proven safe by VirusTotal (result):

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Designed to be played local co-op on a couch, or hosted online via Parsec:

Parsec Gaming


Beta_Meow_Worldv1.zip 12 MB

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