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Eero Höök's (aka Roikku's) Submission for 2021 Amaze Me Game Jam GMS2.

Created completely during the jam within 4 days. Not including some of the audio assets.

To my knowledge, the source code isn't required with the project, as was stated on the yoyogames forums. 

Audio assets are not available for public distribution, only for my use, so please approach me about validating the usage of GMS2 engine if required.

Neon Blood is a top down shooter designed for 2-4 player couch coop teamplay with gamepads, either physically with friends or via Parsec online service.

There is a singleplayer mode with keyboard + mouse controls as well.

The game is quite hard difficulty, and the default Pansy (easiest) mode is for a normal experience. The rest of the difficulty levels may require focused multiplayer teamwork.

A level selector is also present in the main menu  in order to either continue where you died or to see all of the current build's content, which is about 4 levels and on the last one is a boss fight.

The use of the jam's theme "Neon" is mainly focused on the enemies being attracted to low health, bleeding players, which spill Neon Blood as the player characters are genetically altered super soldiers. It had to have a downside to be powerful.

Fun trivia:

I worked alone and with GMS2 IDE version

My project only got corrupted 2 times during the jam, but I powered through it!

You can support further games development via https://paypal.me/roikkudev

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