A downloadable game for Windows

Bit1 entry and XAMK Game Jam winner

Ninja Cat Tower Challenge by Eero Höök / Roikku / Lake Dead

Inspired by Donkey Kong

This is a game concept, it doesn't represent the final quality of the product.


You are Ninja Cats, sent to scale up a tower to retrieve the Sacred Yarnball of the Kitten Clan.

Keyboard controls:

Player 1 

WASD - Move

Control - Strike (Alternative: Z, G)

Space - Jump  (Alternative: Q, F, C)

Player 2 

Arrowkeys - Move

 L - Strike (Alternative: Right Shift)

K  - Jump  (Alternative: J, Enter)

Gamepad controls:

d-pad / L Stick - Move

facebuttons - Strike / Jump

Do not attempt 3-4 player gameplay with keyboard controls. 3-4 players is gamepads only.

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All support is appreciated! Thank you for taking interest in my games!


ninja_cat_continued.zip 2 MB

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