Quarantine Jam Entry by Eero Höök / Roikku / Lake Dead.

Sea Dogs Delivery service!

Deliver packages between the islands north and south.

You can get a package from the pier.

Avoid crashing into ships!


A/D - turn left/right

W/S - Forward/slow down (4 sails settings)

mousewheel up/down - zoom in and out


Sail near a port to receive a package to deliver to the other side of the map.

Repeat until dead.

Clicking on the fullscreen button recommended. And once on screen to activate mouse zooming.


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Really nice top-down ship game. The distance between the islands is large compared to the ships. But I guess that makes it that much more realistic.

Also, I think the collision areas are a little bigger than the ship's sprite. I tried to do a near miss multiple times but crashed into another ship every time 😂