Kindred Community Jam 4 entry by Eero Höök (Roikku/Lake Dead)

You're a Dark Knight infiltrating the castle of White Knights.

As the theme was "Don't be afraid of the dark";

You can hide in shadows to avoid a fight, and to recover, 

but it costs you some of your honor (score).

Combat and movement is automatic.


F - Hide in shadows (Heals you, but drains your score)

M - Mute music / Change song

+/- - Adjust music volume

P.S. This will be a template for a StreamGame afterwards, hence the automation of some things. Also btw you have to press something to skip the C64 intro screen.


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Thats a really cool idea and you made it work really well. It does feel like it takes away points to fast when you hide though xD.