A downloadable game for Windows

Shooting is automatic.

Arrowkeys/WASD- move

Spacebar - Shield

ESC / P - Pause/Resume game

X (while paused) - Quit to Desktop

Enter (in main menu) - Start game

K (during gameplay) - Info mode

Eero Höök aka Roikku aka Lake Dead's entry for TOUHOU Fan Jam 5


touhounXrz.zip 6 MB


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Thank you all for testing. :) This is just a hastily put together piece, as I had a very busy weekend during the jam. I did not reach all the goals (especially reaching the TOUHOU feels) that I set out to do, but I'm proud of what I could produce in a short time. Especially the title screen is the best thing. xD

I like the recharging shield. The debris is too visually confusing with all the bullets, especially since some look similar to debris. The blue bullets are hard to distinguish from the background.

thumbs up :)