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Timecoon by Eero Höök (Roikku)

The following User Manual is quite crucial to start playing the game. Do not skip it. There is no help within the game itself.

Quick How To:

Hover mouse over your character, press Enter and type letters to give a name to character. Press Enter again to stop typing the name. You can also set your built buildings' names like this. Mouse over the pre-existing buildings to auto-set their names if they don't have any. Choose your profession and weapon at the buildings in order to be most efficient at each action. Buildings can only be placed by Builder, Manager, Craftsman, Banker profession. First mine stone or cut wood, then go to a processing station to turn them into material for building. Auto-Fight enemy knights and monsters by walking near them. Only PVP area is the sand arena. Currently only gamemode is an Endless Sandbox mode.

WALKTHROUGH (with keyboard input):

- WASD to move a character.

- Stones are mined bottom left at the mountain that has a doorway. (Your animation changes)

- You will mine stone better if you are a Miner profession equipped with a Mining Pick.

- Your current weapon/tool can be changed using Q/E at the Barracks building with swords icon on it, in the middle of the map.

- You can mouseclick on "Castle Storage" on the right to show the storage at all times

- Once there is some stone in the Castle (200+), go over to a Stonecutter post (a grey/brown flag with stone blocks at it)
and you will turn the stones into material
which is used to build buildings as a Craftsman or Builder

- You will process stone better if you are already a Craftsman profession.

- Press Q/E to change your profession in the middle of the map at a building with tools icon on it.

- When you press the build mode button B on a grass patch, you can cycle
through available buildings with Q/E
and accept building with Space, but
be sure to check you have enough Gold and Material!

- You can cancel building by pressing R/C,
or you can leave the building there to
plan out your camp before committing the purchases.

- You can walk up to the Castle and press R/C
to withdraw any Gold and Material stored in there.

- Any npcs harvesting resources deposit them automatically
into the Castle for the players to withdraw.

Cool kids tips:

You can set an npc's profession to Pit Fighter, name him Arena Master, and have him stand at the arena and he will work as a Training Buddy that respawns at the Arena!!! (you get paid in the arena if you are also a Pit Fighter)

Choose farmer profession + pitchfork weapon, go on the field to gather crops. Then go to the building (brewery) next to the tavern on the right to make Ale which brings the party into the Tavern, and drinking ale heals your fighting wounds!

Controls - keyboard (Controller):

WASD (Left Stick) - Movement

Q/E (L1/R1) - cycle through menu item lists

Space (A) - Accept building (Requires Gold + Material and a Builder profession) / Deposit to Castle (Not standing on another character)

B (Y) - Begin planning building (on a patch of grass)

R/C (B) - Cancel building / Withdraw from Castle

V (X) - Upgrade building (Requires Gems (from Bosses) + Pelts (from Deer))

X (R2) (While touching other character with yours) - Enter Command NPC mode (when you are touching NPC)

Z (L2) - Leave Command NPC Mode and return control to your main character

F1-F4 (Select) - Hide/Show each player's info box

Shift + LMB drag - Drag characters

Shift + Control + LMB drag - Drag main buildings

ctrl shift R - Quit to menu

Alt-F4 - Exit to desktop

Wonderjam 2 (2022)

entry by Eero Höök, made in GameMaker (GMS2)

Theme: Idle

Theme usage: You can set npcs to do idle work for you.

Modifiers: Run an Empire (need to build it).

Genre: 2D Local Multiplayer Empire Builder

Note: Multiplayer only with gamepads. Singleplayer with keyboard + mouse (or a controller).


- All design and Audio (One very quiet ambient clip) by the author.

- Many sprite assets by author, some from asset packs.

- Simplistic retroesque local multiplayer gameplay.

File scanned and proven safe by VirusTotal (result):

Support the Dev:


Designed to be played local co-op on a couch, or hosted online via Parsec:

Parsec Gaming



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Awesome game :D !

honestly, the first impression seemed quite nice and interesting, the fact of taking roles, leveling up or being an npc is quite open as a tycoon idea, the graphics are simple but necessary which complement the genre of the game, accompanied by the soundtrack and art is really chill, besides being a cooperative game, I like it. Roikku I hope you don't give up on your projects because your future shines champion (I was fascinated srry)

What are the controls for the game?

There's a big list of them as I update them to the game page soon.

Game looks awesome btw

Please redownload the newer version. Controls are also explained more on this game page now.

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Already done.