Continued Untitled Coots Crawler by Eero Höök (Roikku)

Quick How To:

Press F in the title/cutscenes. Crawl your way through to the flashy dot on map. Your food bar (brown) depletes as you interact with yarnballs with F. If your food bar is gone, you lose health and may faint and wake up at the latest checkpoint. Press B to use bandages in battles. F to Fight. You have 9 lives. Game balance was left on Easy for the game to be able to be completed in a short time as a test. Things will spawn in endlessly though, if you clear out the old dots on map.

Notes: Some debug features left active.


WASD/Arrows - Move

F - Interact / Fight

B - Bandage

M - Toggle Map Off/On (End goal will still show)

Continued version of Ludwig Jam 2023

entry by Eero Höök, made in GameMaker (GMS2)

Theme: Coots

Theme usage: You are Coots and you are hungry. To have food in your bowl you must rescue Prince Ludwig

Genre: 2D Firstperson Dungeoncrawler


- All design, programming, art by the author.

- Audio from Author or CC0 sources that did not require credits.

- Simplistic retroesque gameplay.

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